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North Island

The Cold Duck Rally .
The Cold Kiwi.
The Cemetery Circuit at Wanganui

South Island

Brass Monkey Motorcycle Rally

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We ride the roads all year round.

We always hope that your adventure will be memorable, here are some testimonials from those who once rode with us.

Hi John, Dale and I (Mike) would like to express our gratitude for your service and attention to detail when we hired 2 triumphs to attend the Paeroa Battle of the Streets.  What an awesome 3 days riding we had as well - the bikes were excellent and the NZ roads are something else - we Aussies in Far North Qld are quite spoilt for choice up here - ranges and coast roads etc BUT the 3 full days riding In North Island we had last week would rate amongst the BEST riding experience we've ever had.  You (and the great weather) helped make it happen and we thank you very much.
Should you ever get over to FNQ please make contact with us because we'd love to show you our roads.

Thanks John